Anorak News | Omar Bakri Funded Daughter’s Pole Dancing Career

Omar Bakri Funded Daughter’s Pole Dancing Career

by | 27th, September 2008

IS this how victory in the war on terror will be marked, with the arrival of Omar Bakri’s daughter on page 3?

To rival pictures of Churchill flashing a Victory salute, US soldiers raising the flag on Iwo Jima and Saddam Hussein in his underpants, is Yummy Yasmin Fostok to flash her Twin Towers?

The West will surely have won when Yasmin gets ‘em our for the lads.

The Mail features the totems of our success on the battle field, and in the hearts and minds, with a shot of Yasmin cradling her chest and the headline: “Revealed: Radical cleric Bakri’s pole-dancer daughter.”

Well, revealed yesterday in the Sun, but here she is again. Says the paper:

Hundreds of youngsters go wild over the daughter of the preacher of hate who rants against Western ‘depravity’.

And so too will thousands of middle-aged men and other Mail readers who likeways rail, and stare, we’d wager.

And what of those boobs? Truthers tuning in might wonder at their authenticity. And, indeed, Yasmin’s weapons of mass detraction are fakes, paid for by her dear old dad.

A friend tells us:

“Her dad’s ashamed of her behaviour but she’d never have become a pole dancer if he hadn’t paid for her bigger boobs. She was always self-conscious about her size and managed to convince him she should have it done.

“She played the daddy’s girl and said it would make her feel more of a mother when she was breast feeding her children. He went along with it and even went to the top London clinic with her where he paid for the surgery in cash.”

Says the Sun:

The revelation will spark further public outrage against the fanatical Muslim cleric — now in Lebanon after being kicked out of Britain.

Fury, not least of all from the hundreds and thousands of other people living on benefits who will demand that their Armani and Dolce get her tits done for the sake of her kiddies and her career.

Anorak suggests that Yasmin presents us with her chest so we can at least what it is we paid for.
The image should then be leaflet dropped over the Taliban strongholds and local women invited to calla free phone number for breast consultation…

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