Anorak News | Chanelle Hayes Exposes Omar Bakri’s Plot For Jihad In The Pole Dancing Club

Chanelle Hayes Exposes Omar Bakri’s Plot For Jihad In The Pole Dancing Club

by | 29th, September 2008

DAYS on from news that mad mullah Omar Bakri paid for his daughter’s boob job and the plan to bring jihad to the country’s gentlemen’s clubs is curtailed.

The Star brings the front-page news that Chanelle Hayes will NOT be having her chest enlarged.

The Big Brother strumpet has made her decision in response to a Star reader’s poll. Tough on the War On Terror, and as patriotic as the next scaffolder, Star readers are turning their backs on artificial breasts, staring Islamofascism in the chest and saying “No”.

Says Chanelle:

“It’s a big decision. And I have to respect what Daily Star readers think because they’re the ones who have got me where I am today.”

Well, strictly speaking it’s the Star’s editor who has got you to the cover and body paint artiste who has sprayed on a tan and some knickers. But if the paper’s readers were against Chaenlle, in favour of an Armani or Sammy Jo, there would be rioting and ululating in the newsagents.

To conclude: all right-thinking Western women will from now on say no to breast implants and say no more to the surgeon with his Yashmack and scimitar…

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