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Back To Celebrity School With Peaches Geldof

by | 29th, September 2008

THE headline “PEACHES: SPEND NIGHT WITH ME FOR £5K,” may bring readers to the conclusion that desperate Peaches Geldof is working as a good time girl.

It turns out that Peaches is being paid to attend “A list parties”.

So says the Star. But Anorak wonders if an A-list party needs a D-list starlet? And if the A-list party treasury committee have heard of the EU Celebrity Mountain and that you can hire a jobbing celeb for the whiff of a flashbulb and a pint of creme de menthe.

Reading on, it turns out that the keepers of the celebrity purse pay Peaches because they believe she is an A-list star.

Things could get complicated if D is the new A. What then is A? Let’s take a leaf from the Government’s book and make D the new A, C the new A*, B the new A++ and A the new Double Zero…

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