Anorak News | MI6 Agent Sells Al Qaeda Data On EBay

MI6 Agent Sells Al Qaeda Data On EBay

by | 30th, September 2008

IF the Government can be relied upon for anything it is to lose our confidential data.

With one in four of us working for the State, the Government has lots of data to lose.

The one hope is that whoever finds your child benefits history will be unable to make it tally with information they already have on your driving record, your time in prison, your work for national defence and more.

(Image: Beau Bo D’Or)

Today’s data disaster is that an MI6 agent left secrets about Al-Qaeda on the digital camera he sold on eBay.

The buyer opened his new Nikon camera to discover pictures of rocket launchers and missiles.

It’s not hard to imagine the wooden tops arresting the camera’s new owner and asking him why he has a camera with such things on. Is he an Al-Qaeda operative? Is he a Muslim? The Government offers him 42 days to response, and will remove the telly, books and familiar surroundings to help him focus.

Buyer beware.

The Sun says the buyer is an “innocent 28-year-old delivery man who lives with his mum”. According to Anorak’s data, his profile puts him in the tops 7.3 per cent coefficient to be a terrorist.

The man reported this find to the police. Police removed his camera. They then removed his PC. He was forbidden from talking to the media. On five occasions anti-terrorist operatives have been to his house.

Also on the camera were names, pictures and fingerprints of “terror suspects”. Indeed, not those charged and found guilty of nefarious plots, just suspects.

But we live in a surveillance society, they could be anyone. It’s just a matter of putting a name to the face…

UPDATE: The Daily Express’s cover: “WIN NIKON DIGITAL CAMERAS”. And take pictures of people suspected of being Muslim….

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