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Ant Rap: Ant Sues Ant And Dec

by | 30th, September 2008

ANT Kalloniastis is suing Ant McPartlin to stop him using his name in the United States.

As the Sun reports, Ant K. is the host to f Celebrity Fit Club (US). He says he is losing work because he’s been mistaken for Ant P., who along with Declan Donnelly fronts the US show Wanna Bet?

The case hinges on whether there is enough room in the US for more than one Ant, and if Ant P. is less popular than Ant K.

Of course, both Ants may receive a call from Anthony ‘The Ant’ Squigliaro (Mobster) Adam Ant (Dandy Highwayman), Ant I (patriarch of Constantinople), and Ant Blair (self-styled living Saint).

The remedy would be have an Ant-off, in which both ants are forced to fight in a tank of melted ice lolly…

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