Anorak News | Harrowing Stuff: Knife Crime Ravages Yorkshire Village

Harrowing Stuff: Knife Crime Ravages Yorkshire Village

by | 1st, October 2008

KNIFE crime is not the preserve of the city or market town kebab shop.

It is everywhere. It is rife. To a barn in Yorkshire we journey where the everyday story of country folk features a young farmer impaled on a blade.

Harrowing scenes as Andy Sugden, of Emmerdale, is impaled on an iron harrow. His wife leaves him to die.

“How times have changed,” says Jane Moore in the Sun, recalling the days of home-cooked farm fayre, when a young famer would kill himself with a shotgun and the kids sold Es from the rave barn.

As ever, the voice of Daily Mail readers reflects the country at large:

Die! The character that is… – Michele, Herefordshire

well lets hope it knocks some sense into all the abused women in the uk no woman should have to suffer domestic violence – lin, warks

To the hayloft…!

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