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Twinkle Dwivedi Is The Girl Who Sweats Blood

by | 1st, October 2008

TWINKLE Dwivedi, age 13, sweats blood – literally.

Says her mother Nandani Diwedi:

“I am desperate to help my daughter. We are not superstitious people but we became so desperate. We’ve been to temples, mosques, churches and sufi saints, but nothing has cured her.”

Twinkle bleeds between five and 20 times a day. Says she:

“I was so scared. It didn’t hurt. But it was scary and messy, and my friends thought it was disgusting. My school blouse went all red. No-one would come near me or play with me. I used to cry nearly every time it happened. But now I just keep quiet.”

So what’s up?

Consultant haematologist Dr Drew Provan, of Barts Hospital in London, rubs his chin:

“She may have Type II von Willebrand disease and she should see a coagulation doctor for treatment.”

Or, er, not…

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