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Allison Pearson: The Sword, The Money Or The Poison Pen

by | 1st, October 2008

ALLISON Pearson, of the Daily Mail, is still talking about those City “spivs” and how they are, well, just so worthless:

Throughout the boom years, the bankers justified their stellar incomes by saying they were working heroic hours to help bring greater prosperity to us all. Oh, really? Try telling that to a soldier who has spent 180 days dodging mortars in Helmand and dreamt of nothing more than enjoying a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken in front of the TV with the family he adores.

Most bankers never have to justify their incomes, wages being a matter of market rates. And do not soldiers dream of owning islands, flying first class and watching their football team play on a massive plasma screen? Do bankers eat KFC?


AFTER SEVERAL years working in the Square Mile, Tim Irwin-Parker, now serving as a captain in the Territorial Army, has just clinched the toughest deal of his life – bringing in a new currency for Iraq.

Pearson continues:

As we all adjust to the new Age of Austerity, ask yourself this: which can Britain do without? Men like the hedge fund tycoons or men like Phil Armitage, who have been – and still are – the real backbone of Britain at times of national crisis.

Well, after World War II, when the bankers, butchers, tailors, farmers and professional fighters and retirees had seen off the enemy, Briton took cheap loans from the US to pay for food, housing, education and welfare.

War can be very expensive, and hedge fund tycoons – those who know how to play the markets and make money to buy shiny new guns and munitions – can be more then useful.

So which is the backbone of the UK in times of crisis? Bankers? Fighters? Or well-paid tabloid columnists..?

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