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The Family Business: The Difficulty Of Being Peaches Geldof

by | 3rd, October 2008

WHO the hell is Peaches Honeyblossom Michelle Charlotte Angel Vanessa Geldof, Pitt The Younger Algernon Winstona Disraeli Goo-Foo Trevor Benjamin Mandela Puff?

Or to put it another way: who is her dad?

Peaches is blessed with all the cool of a wasabi enema. She is everything any genuine teenage rebels abhors and avoids being.

Being Peaches cannot be easy. As Anorak has said, being Peaches is like turning up at swingers’ party to find your mum handing out the towels. She just has to make the best of her lot.

And dad Bob Geldof wants the best for his kids; all sane parents do. So Peaches decides on a career as a professional Geldof, and is encouraged. As such, she has little to do. She is a member of the elusive club of children of the rich and successful. She can just be.

Peaches is the UK’s closest equivalent to Tori Spelling, daughter to the now resting US TV producer Aaron Spelling. Tori was famously cast as the good looking one everyone fancied and wanted to be in her dad’s show, Beverley Hills 90210.

The hope was that Tori’s acting nous would stop people noticing that this was an acting job up there with Madonna playing, well, anyone other then Madonna. Tori failed; and Tori kept the job.

Now Peaches is on the telly. As the Sun reports:

TV bosses have slammed the 19-year-old after collaborating with her on a new documentary in which she attempts to edit a magazine. A senior executive was forced to heavily-edit the one-off programme after running the content by the production company’s co-founder – Bob Geldof.

Peaches Geldof editing a magazine. Well, why not? The problem is that nepotism might not be enough to get on. Listen up, Peaches: you might need some talent.

But Heather Jones, MTV’s UK managing director for content and creativity, said no amount of editing could portray Peaches in a positive light.

She said: “Bob founded Ten Alps (the production company) so he had a final say in the content. But she’s a monster! Everything that comes out of her mouth is horrendous and that will still show through.”

If you can inherit the name, you can inherit something of the persona, the talent.

So Peaches is blonde, like her late mother Paul Yates, and as pushy as her dad. She is her parents’ daughter, and sets herself up to compete with them.

If she wins, she is held up for ridicule. If she loses, she is held up for ridicule. So being a jobbing Peaches Geldof is not easy.

But the hakcs love her. Why? Well, maybe – just maybe – if we say a few nice words about her, she’ll throw some crumbs our way…

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