Anorak News | Ejaculating To Prevent Nasal Congestion In Males

Ejaculating To Prevent Nasal Congestion In Males

by | 4th, October 2008

GROWING news from the Journal of Medical Hypotheses – ejaculating could be “a potential treatment of nasal congestion in mature males”.

With the cold and flu season upon us, males are now well-equipped to go forth with no fear of embarrassment caused by nasal decongestion. No longer will you be misunderstood when ordering train tickets and calling for Malcolm.

Just wipe, or blow, and go. And, no, you don’t have to snort the stuff, unless you want to.

A build up of snot can be relieved by fumbling in your trousers pockets (and Anorak advocates the ComfiSlax). You may then enunciate in a clear tone: “Yes, officer, I am he.”

A Dr Zarrintan says in clear and loud voice:

“The emission phase of ejaculation is under the control of the sympathetic nervous system… ejaculation will stimulate adrenergic receptors… and stimulation of your adrenergic receptors will give you relief from your cold.”

Relief all around. Pass the man-sized tissues…

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