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Wikiepedia’s Jimmy Wales Meets The Chinese

by | 4th, October 2008

LAST week, Wikipedia big wig Jimmy Wales met with Cai Mingzhao, Vice Director of China’s State Council Information Office – the government body whose “Internet Management Division” is in charge of censoring online content.

They discussed Jimmy’s concerns about censorship. No deals or agreements were made, but Jimmy tells me that the meeting has opened a channel of communication and dialogue between the Wikipedia community and the Chinese government.

Wikipedia: China -“Land of free and brave.”

The official website gave no further information about what was discussed. IT blogger Keso – on his blogspot blog but not on his main China-hosted blog – remarked: “In this kind of meeting, it’s unclear what Cai Mingzhao is smiling at Wales about, it must have been interesting.”  I saw Jimmy on Saturday at the World Economic Forum meeting in Tianjin. (Jimmy is one of the WEF’s Young Global Leaders.) I told him that news of his meeting was on the Internet and that people were starting to wonder what was up. He was surprised, because he said his interlocutors had indicated they didn’t want the meeting to be public.

Since 2005 Wikipedia – both Chinese and English – has been blocked in China, but it was unblocked in the run-up to the Olympics, along with a number of other overseas websites.

Wikipedia: challengeing facts across borders…


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