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How The Media Treats Australian Backpacker Britt Lapthorne

by | 5th, October 2008

The frantic family and friends of missing Australian backpacker Britt Lapthorne are appealing for help to trace her.

Anorak picked up on the story of the 21-year-old Melbourne woman who has been missing since September 18 after she visited a night club in Dubrovnik, Croatia, and seems to be among the first of the UK media to do so.

Britt, above, had been staying at a backpacker hostel and police failed to react quickly to a fellow backpacker’s anxious inquiries about her the following day. It was several days before her family were informed and her brother, Darren, and father, Dale, are now in Croatia and urging police to do more.

Britt was last seen in the Fuego nightclub in the city.

Croatian police say the son of the owner of the Dubrovnik hostel where Britt was staying was released after questioning but was not a formal suspect. Father Dale and brother Darren have now had to endure reports of the allegations their family member was known to be promiscuous.

Britt’s home city newspaper The Age today reported:

“The hostel manager detained by police over the disappearance of Melbourne backpacker Britt Lapthorne has broken his silence – and dealt another body blow to her devastated family.

“In a bizarre, exclusive interview with Croatian newspaper Jutarnji List, the hostel owners’ son Ivica Perkovic said he knew Britt only superficially but said he was aware of the many places in Bosnia she had travelled in the weeks before and that he had been told she was “open, maybe too open and promiscuous”.

Meanwhile friends have posted the story to Facebook and other internet sites;

In a posting in today’s Anorak Opinion section this appears:

The search for Britt is being widely covered in the Australian newspapers, radio and television but there doesn’t seem to have been much coverage in the UK or the US.

Britt’s family and friends are appealing for help in contacting backpackers/tourists who were in Dubrovnik 16th-18th September to send any photos taken in or around the Latino Club Fuego at that time.

Are you able to help us to get the word out to the British press? We have been trying to get something onto British radio, TV or newspapers but have had no success so far.
We are hoping that with your extensive contacts in the media, you may be able to help us.

Time is critical. Her family is still holding onto the hope that Britt will be found alive and well.

This situation is frightening for all Australian tourists and the greatest nightmare for all parents and all Australians would be grateful for your help.

We Thank You and hope that you can assist us.

We will. These are the links which came from Nancye who posted the piece above:

Other links from Anorak reader Penster in Australia are:

If you have any information or have had any contact with Britt contact the police wherever you are at once.


Britt Lapthorne Is Missing

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