Anorak News | Ronald McDonald Puts Paul McCartney’s Hair In A Bun

Ronald McDonald Puts Paul McCartney’s Hair In A Bun

by | 8th, October 2008

“WHAT sort of morons do McDonald’s think Beatles’ fans are,” asks Paul McCartney’s spokesman Geoff Baker.

The sort of morons who listen to records backwards, write their names on walls and think crossing the road is photo opportunity?

Says a PETA spokesman, the voice of dumb animals:

“He became a vegetarian after watching lambs play in field outside his home and surely would not want to use his likeness to promote meat.”

The Sun says that Macca “hit the roof” after a branch of McDonald’s in his native Liverpool put pictures of The Beatles on the walls “to attract customers”.

The Sun shows that one picture is of Macca dressed in a blue shirt and holding a guitar. To look upon it is to encourage thoughts of a hamburger with cheese.

Better perhaps had the restaurant’s decorators used a picture of Macca in his shorts, of John Lennon naked in the company of Japanese woman, of Ringo Starr eating corn on the cob, of a stray George Harrison hair in a bun?

That McDonald’s play list in full:

All My Grilling
Can’t Buy Me Kebab
Get Back (Bacon)
Here Comes The Beef
Leave My Kitten Alone

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