Anorak News | Practical Jihad: Hamas University’s Online Course

Practical Jihad: Hamas University’s Online Course

by | 9th, October 2008

EDUCATION news. Put down your knives, your anorak’s with knives and your T-shirt knives. Pay attention. There will be a practical demonstration later:

The Islamist Hamas terrorist organization has initiated an online course in explosives, military weapons and tactics for would-be jihad fighters. Aimed at the population of the Palestinian Authority, the course is called “Get Ready” and is designed to prepare the population for war with Israel.

On your marks…

Each instructive section concludes with test questions. For example, a fatigues-wearing Hamas teacher asks, “A truck is moving at a rate of 15 meters per second, at a distance of 200 meters, from left to right. How will you succeed in hitting this truck?”

I will close by eyes and trust in god’s will to direct the missile away from my mum’s house…


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