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Scots Need A Licence To Walk

by | 9th, October 2008

YOU’LL soon need a licence to walk on the fast pavement lane in Edinburgh:

An “express lane” for pedestrians who want to travel along Edinburgh’s Princes Street quickly without being held back by shoppers is being mooted.

Tory councillor Jason Rust, said he planned to launch a motion to councillors next month with the idea to help combat “pavement rage”.

A new illness to cure…

He said he had received complaints about the problem from office workers in his Colinton/Fairmilehead ward. City transport leader, Phil Wheeler, said he would listen to suggestions.

Mr Rust told the BBC Scotland news website he sometimes came across the problem during his lunch break while walking from his west end office to buy a sandwich.

What about a traffic light system, fitness tests and a ban on walking while chatting on a mobile phone?

He said: “Now and again I am in a hurry and get stuck behind people who are walking along at snail’s pace, stopping every few seconds, and it is a minor irritation.”

Let’s ban shoppers, and clamp down hard on browsers who are the scum of the Earth…

“This would be a practical measure to see if it works. The problem would be how to enforce it”

It is self-policng: the slow are pushed into traffic and the too-fast tripped up by hidden wires and then swept up by road cleaning devices.

Or we should just have severe economic downturn and kill all the shops…


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