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Sarah Palin The Unready Fatal Cancer

by | 9th, October 2008

ROD Dreher responds to David Brooks’s take on Sarah Palin the Unready.

Oh, oh, oh, when McCain loses this thing, the recriminations orgy on the Right is going to resemble an all-you-can-eat chum buffet in a shark tank. In fact, as this Brooks interview demonstrates, the recriminations have already started. I have no doubt that David Brooks believes what he’s saying, but I do wonder if he would have said it publicly had he not been convinced by last night’s debate that McCain is going to lose this thing. For my part, I would not have chosen that cruel phrase — “a fatal cancer” — to describe Palin and what she represents. But I do think that she represents the dead end of sloganeering, attitudinizing and tribal identity politics among Republicans, as a substitute for compelling ideas and vision.
Palin – she’ hard not to like…

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