Anorak News | Christmas Day Lights: Climate Kops Wonder At Lights

Christmas Day Lights: Climate Kops Wonder At Lights

by | 15th, October 2008

IT’S just 71 days to go to Christmas and the tabloids finally have their first Christmas lights story.
Anorak’s man at the Mirror says:

“Things were getting proper dicey. We had an Our Maddie story on standby, a feature on what Our Diana would have done to help should she ever deign to emerge from her department in Harvey Nichols, and there was the story of how Our Gordon Brown is to duet with Howard on the Halifax ads, so we were covered for a few weeks.

“But still, squeaky bum time.”

But lo, the lights come on. And dressed in sunglasses, the Mirror heads to Coleford, Gloucestershire, to see the bulbs of wonder.

“I think it’s a wonderful idea,” says “mum” Lynne Munch in “CHRISTMAS CRACKERS”.

Says Becky Brock: “It’s has gone too far when even my seven-year-old son says the lights are too early.”

Although, the average seven-year old Climate Kop is traumatised by electricity, bringers of daymares, his views should be discounted out of hand.

Next week: Council Taliban say no to Christmas lights.

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