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When Tabloids Run The Banks

by | 15th, October 2008

THE Mirror’s Stewart MacLean is sat in the foyer of RBS, Kensington.

He’s a shareholder now: “I reckon I definitely look the part as I confidently stride in with my laptop, a fold-up desk and briefcase.”

MacLean’s colleague Paul Routledge would rather see him stood on the counter with a tie wrapped to his throat and tethered to the ceiling fan, but this is MacLean’s first day at work. Patience.

After ten minutes or so, MaClean is asked to leave. He does so with nary a word of protest. He makes no stand. Might it be that 10 minutes looking like a pranny is enough?

Well, not quite. The Mirror demands loyalty to the cause. So he heads off to Lloyds TSB, which he claims he also owns a stake in. He sits down. He unfolds his rickety table and his rickety chair. He opens his laptop. He is ignored.

“Things are going fine – until I ask to borrow the receptionist’s pen.”

Pens are on chains. The chain is not long enough. The recptionist calls security and, with some relief, MacLean he is asked to leave.

“Ungrateful lot,” says MacLean, now back at his own work pod. “I think I’ll have to write a stiff letter to Gordon… and ask for my money back.”

But before that 200 words on my day being ignored…

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