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The Sewer Skewer: Man Cooks Kebab By Dead Body

by | 15th, October 2008

“CARRY on cooking: Chef made kebabs as body of dead colleague lay on sofa.” So says the Mail. It is the Sun’s “Goner Kebab”.

And what of Jaswinder Singh? Is he billed in the tabloids as a consciencious worker, one in the eye for workshy shirkers? Is he a man planning ahead, going long on meat?

Is he ready to brandish a man-sized skewer and turn whistleblower on the kebab industry?

Is this a satire on kebab shop knifings?

No, he is the source of cheap puns and accusations.

The Mail says how a police officer investigating the employee’s demise “found Singh working near the body in the fly-infested food preparation room. The officer was so disgusted he immediately closed the premises.
Reports are filed. Pens are pushed. Wheels turn. And:

Wolverhampton Magistrates’ Court, banned 45-year-old Singh from managing any food business in the future. District Judge Martin Brown said: ‘The facts in this case are extraordinarily serious.’

So no awards for diligence and best practice at the Pappu Sweet Centre & Catering, Wolverhampton. Nbo prizes for busting the credit cruchn and sourcing nes sources of protein.

No prise form globam warmists for the pourge on humanity.

Just cheap jokes and officaldom. For shame…

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