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Five Ways To Beat The Credit Crunch

by | 16th, October 2008

FIVE Ways To Beat The Credit Crunch:

1. Turn the volume down on your transister whenever BBC business man Robert Peston comes on air.

2. Forgo mortgage payments and end up living in a small hotel near a train station, room paid for by the DSS.

3. Wean yourself off expensive crack cocaine and smack by visiting the doctor and telling him your feel depressed, are possibly bi-polar and spend all day crying. Free upper and downers for life.

4. Own-brand supermarket beer might only be thrupence a bottle but it still is expensive when compared with muddy water laced with urine samples imported from Beijing.

5. Sell the TV and save money on your licence fee by create your own BBC by calling everyone a plonker and ranting about why the football is on f***** cable.

More to follow…

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