Anorak News | The End: George Hamilton Was Molested For His Tan At 12

The End: George Hamilton Was Molested For His Tan At 12

by | 18th, October 2008

MAHOGANY-toned George Hamilton says he was molested by his step-mother, when he was 12. He tells US TV show The View (a show where harpies compete to see who can bray the loudest):

The Viewsters don’t get that outraged about it. Joy Behar informs him that it was molestation, like “the teacher thing” we hear about these days. And Whoopi Goldberg reminds us that those were different times, when fathers brought their pubescent sons to “an older woman to initiate them.” Barbara is all “But his father didn’t exactly suggest it.”

Old Mr Anorak smiles wanly:

“You don’t know what’s right and wrong. It’s on-the-job training, excuse me. Could I vote present?” They called it “cuddling,” Hamilton says. Joy Behar — who’s got her left hand rather lewdly buried in her crotch — wants to get this straight: “You went there?” She waves her right hand, vaguely gesturing there. Oh, he assures us, yes, he’s “virulent.”

This is how the world ends, you know. This is how the Greek Empire ended, with massive phalluses stuck onto naked perfomers.

File under: Sod’em and Gonorrhea…

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