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The Modern Artists Want Your Meat

by | 18th, October 2008

OLD MR Anorak has instructed his workers to create a new art collection: But It Is Art. The Anorak exhibition will focus on the very best in the world of art…

This week: Meat After Meat Joy, at the Daneyal Mahmood Gallery, New York City.

Meat After Meat Joy brings together the work of contemporary artists who use meat in their work… in order to investigate the paradoxical relationship meat has to the body. Meat combines flesh, skin, muscle, organs, blood – each with its own relationship to the body, yet meat’s only reference to the body is as a once-upon-a-time living biological thing.

Meat combines nail, hoof, eyelid and burger…

By putting these artists together, the exhibition seeks to investigate the uncanny effect meat as a medium is for artist and viewer. This is not a show about meat as spectacle but about meat as signification, precisely because meat does not signify (a body) but its very annihilation…

OMA will be featuring more art in the coming weeks…


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