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Plastic Greens: How the Daily Mail Loves A Plastic Bag

by | 20th, October 2008

THE Daily Mail’s Ban the Bags campaign is in line for an award, the Press Gazette Environmental Press Awards campaign of the year.

It was terrific idea. And had it only been the Mail’s the paper would deserve the gong.

As Alex Lockwood writes:

My argument is that the Daily Mail’s “Ban the Bags” campaign was a co-opt of an already running and successful campaign that was building its own momentum.

Ban the bag. The Mail is all for it:

Editor of the Mail on Sunday Peter Wright defended his newspapers’ use of covermounts and other promotions to boost circulation.

“When the history of newspapers is written, it may well be that the greatest innovation of our generation is the humble polybag,” Wright said.


“Any editor who wants his paper still to be here in 2020 needs to be constantly thinking about what he can add to his paper and what he can put into his polybag that will make his newspaper better value to the reader.”

The Mail is running a new campaign to help small businesses:

“Today the Mail launches a fightback on their behalf with a charter for change.”

Uncanny that this brave new campaign should coincide with David Cameron’s words on the matter…

Anyone who runs a small business that works with the Mail is free to point out any hypocrisy…

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