Anorak News | Omar Bakri Declares War On The X Factor

Omar Bakri Declares War On The X Factor

by | 21st, October 2008

SLOW News day. Then call Omar Bakri. Come in Omar Barki… Do you read me?

The Sun picks up its walkie talkie and tunes into the Bakri cackle. The result is nothing less than “THE X FATWA – Terror alert as Bakri slams troops charity song”.

Eat your heart out Mazher Mahmood, News International’s fake sheikh. Bakri is the real deal, bringing front-page exclusives on a daily basis.

(If you call, he’ll rant about whatever you like. Omar, if you’re reading this, set up a premium rate RANT LINE. I’ve got ideas, call me.)

Today Omar is ranting about the X Factor song for Help For Heroes. Bakri says the song has “dangerous implications”.

It does. While all singers on the charity record will be able to say “I had a No.1 hit”, many if not all will be cursed with the brand “one hit wonder”.

Buy the wristband. Sing the song, Hero. And join the EU’s celebrity mountain.

Bakri, the “poisonous preachers”, the “mad mullah”, the “Tottenham Taliban”, the man with a nickname for every occasion, says:

“Some Muslims in Birmingham are wearing the armbands in support of British troops in Afghanistan. This is a form of muadaat (hatred) of the kuffar (non-believers) against the Muslims…and it has dangerous implications.”

Bakri then says how even watching the X Factor is a sign of godlessness, and will result in losing your soul, as well as your mind and will to live.

The fear is that his rantings will gel with many Britons and they will switch over to Strictly Come Dancing, a show every bit as bloated as Mr Bakri…

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