Anorak News | Scare Stories: iPod, Gastric Bandits And Killer Surgeons

Scare Stories: iPod, Gastric Bandits And Killer Surgeons

by | 21st, October 2008

MEDIA SCARE STORIES: THE Daily Mail searches news wires, medical reports and research notes for scare stories, and finally its quest bears dividends:


“SWEETENER ‘makes you fat’”

“The Ipod generation – That’s insecure pressurised, over-taxed and debt-ridden”

“THE GASTRIC BANDITS – Increasing numbers of women are going abroad for radical weight-loss surgery they can’t have here because they’re not fat enough. As this woman found, the results can be disastrous”

“Western diet raises the risk of a heart attack by 35%”

“The mothers risking their babies sight” – STDs make your babies go blind

“University and challenging job may stave off Alzheimer’s’” – people with no degree and boring job more likely to get Alzheimer’s

“MY BONES ARE LIKE GLASS” – Don’t jump on Ursula Andress

“What your winter cough could be trying to tell you – Look out for the “unexplained cough”

“Disease that stole by family – When her loving GP husband started becoming irrational and bad-tempered Fiona thought it might be the pressures of work. But as she was to discover, he suffered from a fatal degenerative illness, and there was even worst to come…”

“Some surgical units kill FOUR times as many patients as others. In a new book a leading safety campaigner asks: HOW SAFE IS YOUR SURGEON?”

“Those low-energy bulbs made me ill”

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