Anorak News | Old Woman Arrested For Keeping Child’s Ball

Old Woman Arrested For Keeping Child’s Ball

by | 21st, October 2008

THERE’S no-one quite link grandma for nicking your ball:

An 88-year-old Ohio grandmother was arrested last week when she refused to return a neighborhood boy’s football that had landed in her front yard.

Did she eat it?

A frustrated Edna Jester took the football last Thursday evening after it landed, once again, in the yard of her Blue Ash home, where she has lived since April 1949. When Jester refused to return the football, neighbor Paul Tanis, 40, called the cops.

Call the police. Tell the teacher. No-one likes a grass…

Though police warned that she would be arrested unless she returned the football, Jester refused, according to the below Blue Ash Police Department report. In a TSG interview, an emotional Jester said that she had repeatedly warned her teenage neighbors that she did not want to retrieve their football since, “I’m not a ball chaser.”

No chasing. Wait until the ball stops, then get it…

Jester… added that she frequently told the young football enthusiasts that she did not want them on her property and did not want to be bothered while she was reading the Bible or eating dinner.

Cursed are the ball chasers…

Jester, who lives alone, still has the football.

Which she now calls Bob and shares dinners with…

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