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Call Me An Australian Paedophile And We’ll Split The Winnings

by | 22nd, October 2008

THE District Court Judge in Australia hears that when the man’s daughter answered the door, the grandmother told her:

“You know your dad’s a paedophile – a complete stranger came up to me in the street and told me.”

The man, the grandfather of child in a custody and access dispute, launches defamation proceedings.

Judge Gibson awards him $30,000 in compensation.

Only four people – including the man’s son and daughter – heard the remark.

Peado! Clean shirt. Paedo!

If only she had said sorry. In Canada, there talking about The Apology Act:

If the bill is passed and becomes law, an apology will become a sign of compassion and empathy, not guilt. The move is meant to speed emotional healing for victims of accidents and wrongdoing.

It’s great idea. You still get to sue but now you get to sue someone who apologised. Which makes you a complete and utter bastard.


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