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Wee Da Peeple: Dimming Down

by | 27th, October 2008

WEE Da Peeple – Anroak’s look at the internet messge baords.

“DIMMING DOWN – Brainpower of today’s 14-year-olds has slipped “radically” in just one generation, says study” – Daily Mail

The Kaiser Chiefs latest single NEVER MISS A BEAT screams out that iT’S COOL TO KNOW NOTHING. Just because it doesm’t require any brains to bang a drum or strum a guitar they shouldn’t think it’s OK to brand us all as dumb as they are
Keith Price, Luton, England, 27/10/2008 0:17

It’s because less fathers – when there’s no father around, kids tend to take longer to mature due to the psychological stress. The reason there are less fathers around is women use men to gain wealth then divorce them, taking as much from the men as possible. Due to the libelous restraining orders and false accusations they use, it often leaves kids without the father present.
Henry Tordell, USA, 27/10/2008 0:34

In ’76, calculators were rare, due to the cost. Most pupils used slide rules . This required THINKING.
Now, with even scientific type calculators available for the price of a pizza, there is no longer a need to THINK, just press the buttons, get a result. I get strange looks at checkouts when I tender the correct amount, in advance, for several small items in the supermarket. But then, I used to do mental calculations in real money, 12 pence to the shilling, 20 shillings to the pound. Eight half crowns to the pound – ten florins ditto. Tempus fugit, as they say, always down to the lowest common stupidity.
oldghit, UK, 27/10/2008 0:59

One word. Diet.
Alex, Sydney Australia, 27/10/2008 5:22

I dno’t know why people are so surprised at this. The bar has been lowered regularly to meet Government targets… I have seen students who have achieved a 2/2 in their chosen degree having to do basic substraction on a chalk board whilst playing a simple game of darts!!! One got his degree in Economics!!!
– David, Ringwood, 27/10/2008 6:14

Yes it is true that tv and video games through the flicker rate hypnotise you into a dream like state, But the main reason that children are becomming less intelligent is because of the fluoride intake… – Peter Neilson, Wigan, England, 27/10/2008 6:20

Vicky Pollard seems to pop into mind. Not altogether fiction, was she?
bruce, London, 27/10/2008 5:35

Tell us your meesage boards spots…

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