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Hulk Hogan Wrestles With God, And Wins

by | 28th, October 2008

HULK Hogan, the neon and Ronseal wrestler, is in talking of his divorce:

“You know when she finally decided she wanted to file for divorce I begged her not to because brother, when I put my hand on the Bible and I said for better or for worse, til death do us part I was one of these guys who thought I was going to be together forever.”

He then slips into Jeremy Kyle mode:

Hey I screwed up. I made mistakes you know, but I’ll sit there and tell you I did something. If I did something I’ll say I did it.

I am honest about my dishonesty, says Hulk, born Terrance “Terry” Gene Bollea. That you can rely on. Fact!

“When I get this call that my wife wants a divorce I felt like a mule getting kicked by a horse. But I regrouped, got through it, started thinking positively and it was tough. I had some moments when I was like, ‘Oh my God. Am I gonna jump? Am I gonna make it?’ But you know what brother? I readjusted my thinking and I put my faith, I put God first and it’s all alright already. It’s all gonna be OK.”

Who would have thought it that it was God’s will that caused Hulk to break his vows to God?

That God sure does move in mysterious ways. Hulk had him pinned down., But God got away and had Hulk in a half nelson. But the Big Guy (Hulk) relaxed, breathed in and slipped away…

Moral: God wears too mush skin oil…


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