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The Warbler On Terror: X Factor Corps Help For Heroes

by | 28th, October 2008

WHAT price heroism? Why, 79p, since you ask.

Having faced down the enemy, veterans of the War on Terror are not faced with the Warble On Terror.

This is their proudest day. Cut out and keep this one, mum. After years of bath warbling and assaults on eardrums and mirrors, Simon Cowell’s barmy army now stand proud on the Sun’s front page.

Before the Crops Of Army Music (Group section, over 25s and Kidz) sit four men on wheelchairs in various states of incompleteness.

They had to pick up a gun and do glorious battle to be a hero, some had to lose a limb or a sense. All you need do is spend 79p on Simon Cowell’s new celebrity vehicle.

As the Sun’s editorial says:

“It’s almost impossible to understand the horrors of war until you come face to face with its consequences.”

Never a truer word uttered in battle, and what better motto for the Warble On Terror than it…?

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