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Russell Brand’s Favourite Nazis

by | 28th, October 2008

RUSSELL Brand and Jonathan Ross are the Germanes:

Brand defended the call on air by asking what was more offensive, the Daily Mail’s support for Mosley’s Blackshirts seventy-odd years back, or his call. I guess the answer to that is that that no-one in the 1930s was forced on pain of imprisonment to buy the Daily Mail !

(Slightly off-topic but irresistible – I bet you didn’t know that the Guardian argued for the Nazi Party’s inclusion in the German government, saying that this would “help to perpetuate this democracy“. Or that the Observer hinted that claims of anti-semitism were exaggerated because “the major part of the German Republican Press is in Jewish hands“.)

Laban makes a point. But Brand’s apology made no point at all…

The Germanes: Brand And Rossy In Faulty Towers

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