Anorak News | Russell Brand And Child Star In Live Sex Broadcasting Storm

Russell Brand And Child Star In Live Sex Broadcasting Storm

by | 29th, October 2008

THOUSANDS of listeners have complained to the BBC after a ‘live’ radio report for Russell Brand’s A Times & Place programme went disastrously wrong.

UPDATE: JONATHAN Ross and Russell Brand have been suspended by the BBC.

The report was billed as “a candid investigation into the world of the swing”, and featured a visit by childhood TV star Jonathan Ross to a private party in West London.

From the start it was apparent that cash had been taken in liberal quantities, and a debate about social mores and swing parks soon turned into a frank discussion of personal habits.

One man told Brand that he was not qualified to pass judgement on something that he had not himself experienced, and jokingly challenged him to “give it a go”.

Brand Values

This was a clear reference to the infamous occasion on which Brand smoked cannabis and fastened a likeness of the Queen Mother onto a naked shop window mannequin in a similar spirit of inquiry. “Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it,” cried another voice, to general laughter.

To everyone’s surprise, Brand agreed – at which point the BBC sound recordist could be heard to ask if he was serious. ”Yes, absolutely,” replied Brand. There then followed the first sexual act ever to be performed on air in the United Kingdom.

Brand provided a running commentary throughout, although at times he was clearly breathless and struggled to maintain his usual fluency.

”I am now being b******* vigorously by a dark-haired man of medium height,” he announced at one point. “The experience is not wholly unpleasant.” Later he spoke of “an enormous feeling of wellbeing”.

Every Mail

Although the programme was heard by a relatively small audience and is unlikely to be repeated, it has already achieved widespread notoriety, Paul Dacre of the National Viewers’ and Listeners’ Association, declared himself “sick and defiled”, and has ordered a tape and a full transcript from the corporation.

Mr Brand’s BBC handlers will meet later this week to discuss his future, and the matter has been referred to the Crown Prosecution Service, although it is unlikely to bring charges.

Brand told journalists yesterday that he had not set out to participate in any sexual activity, but insisted that he had no regrets.

When asked if he intended to continue with his investigations, he replied that he had no plans to do so, and admitted that he couldn’t explain his impulsive behaviour.

“I don’t know what came over me,” he said.

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