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The Italian Organic Farming Miracle

by | 30th, October 2008

DUNCAN Turnbull on the soil association’s organic farming bollocks:

Take a pig living outdoors with space to run around. It is fed additive-free foods (spare fruit from the greengrocers, malted barley from the local brewery, etc) and is free to forage in the earth. It is just as happy as an organic pig, it lives just as long and eats just as well. However, unlike an organic pig it lacks the certificate hanging on the sty-wall, its feed bags lack the magic word, and the packaging for the sausages it makes contains no mention of it. The result is a product which tastes as good, has the same ethical credentials and still has impeccable provenance, but does not cost a fortune.

This is why the Italians have not embraced organics as the British have. They refuse to pay the Soil Association a fee to tell them that the meat they buy is good quality and refuse to delegate such an important part of eating well. Not only is it a matter of principle, it is a matter of pride. They know their butcher, know where their food comes from and know what goes into it. The superficial and commercialised label of “organic” is unnecessary and expensive.

And we lap it up…

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