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Madeleine McCann, Peter Mandelson And Russell Brand

by | 30th, October 2008

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DAILY TELEGRAPH: “The public is sick of this heartless comedy”

Dominic Cavendish wonders how he can tie in Russell Brand, and Jonathan Ross with Our Maddie.

Our Maddie appears in most stories, having been linked to films, books, TV, murdered holidaymakers, Shameless families and games…

Now that Russell Brand has resigned from his Radio 2 programme and Jonathan Ross remains suspended for crassness beyond the call of duty, the pair will have plenty of time to watch re-runs of Fawlty Towers.

They do. Although what odds Brand returning with a better show on an independent radio station?

Plenty of time to remind themselves just why Andrew Sachs – who stooped to conquer our affections as Manuel – is held in such protective esteem by the public, more than three decades after Fawlty Towers first aired. And maybe they’ll begin to wonder along with the rest of us: what on earth happened to comedy in this country?

Fair point. Comedy in this country come sunder two heading: a) Unfunny; b) Spiteful.

As a comedy critic, I often encounter material on the stand-up circuit that leaves me stunned by its inhuman coldness, its relish for tawdry detail, its sheer nastiness. “Rape” has become a comedy word; paedophilia is a regular staple.


I’ll never forget being told by one household-name comic that he was dying for Madeleine McCann to be found because he had the perfect joke ready for the occasion.


There have, of course, been Madeleine McCann jokes. Ther are sick jokes, plodding jokes and one pretty funny joke.

This week Private Eye told an Our Maddie joke. And it was, well, pretty funny. That’s it on the left.

Thanks to readers Tom Knight for sending it in.

A child is missing, but she keep turning up in all the big news stories…

The orginal post went down: we were hacked!!

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