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White Idiots On White Idiots

by | 4th, November 2008

AMRICANS sure are dumb:

IN this election, the media has a fixation with the so-called and self-described redneck contingent behind the McCain-Palin ticket. Numerous examples are only a Google search away and come from outlets as varied as Al Jazeera and local news telecasts. American-bashing seems to be sport for many journalists, but your story hit home for me, as Williamsport is 25km from my parents’ Pennsylvania home town of Hughesville, in the self-proclaimed “hunters’ paradise” of Lycoming County. Your report presented only one side of the story.

Perhaps the most offensive element is the Alice Walker-like attempt at phonetic representation of your subject’s accents.

These people may have a slightly different accent from other Americans, but they are as apple pie as they come. Don’t do them the injustice of making them look like idiots. What’s next — will you be quoting Obama similarly, with something like Oprah Winfrey’s lines as Sophia in The Color Purple: “But I’ll kill him dead ‘fo I let him beat me”?

You rode the “look how stupid people in America are” train and made fools of women such as Glenda Hock who, like it or not, has every right to vote, express her views, go to a Palin rally and even gut her moose with a nail file if she so chooses.

I encourage you to look outside the stereotypes and present a true picture of the country’s fabric. It’s easy to play to the stereotype but it is insulting to those who know better.

Obama. He da man in da big witey hous, mon…


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