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Making The Brand: SS Georgina Baillie

by | 5th, November 2008

HAD only Andrew Sachs just been in when Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross called?

Had only Sachs not been taking his granddaughter out to the shops for a packet of sweets, some new school shoes or a push on the swings, Ross and Brand would still be employed at the BBC.

Has Sachs got a mobile, sorry, a pocket phone? If so, can he leave his contact details with the BBC switch or work out how divert calls?

Brand and Ross’s call and grandpa’s technophobia have all been a terrible inconvenience to Ms Georgina Baillie, who is forced to put her equestrianism on hold and answer questions on her once private life in OK!.

“I’m glad that it’s going to be beneficial to me, that I can out down the deposit on a flat,” says Baillie.

Her neighbours should know: “I’m a very sexually, naughty girl” who “once did some dominatrix work”, but – understand this – would “never have sex for money”.

OK! fails to ask what Baillie would have sex for, perhaps a walk on part in a remake of Fawlty Towers, with Brand as Fanny the waiter with Tourettes Syndrome (“I am from ****** Essex yous ****, I know nuffink”) and Jonathan Ross as Major Smut?

Baillie says it’s really tempting to be offered money when the rent, or, should she buy a flat, mortgage is due. But…no… We refer the readers to the answer she gave previously and move on.

OK! People would say you should have got a proper job…
GB: In this day and age, for a girl to live completely independently she has to earn a middle-class professional salary, not a secretarial one.

Wise words. What a pro. Although not the oldest profession. No. Georgina is a thoroughly modern girl (see web for pictures). And should the job demand a pencil skirt, tights and some dictating, onetime dominatrix Georgina might be up for it.

Because times have been tough:

“I went into my living room and our pole-dance pole had collapsed. I was like, oh my God, this is my house, and then I looked down at my emaciated body and I was like, and this is my body.”

And then she looked round the flat, turned the page in the magazine and moved on with her life…

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