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Chickens Killed By Inflatable Jamie Oliver Balloon

by | 6th, November 2008

“AS soon as the gas is released to raise the balloon they go absolutely crazy.

“It is absolute chaos, when they go into anything and that causes the egg to explode inside them.

“The fragments of the egg and its contents then infect them and then they die from it – it’s a horrible way to go.”

No doubting that. Being killed by your unfertilised unborn is just about the one crime that had never featured on Anorak’s pages.

The only crimes not yet reported involve a murderous sperm and Noel Edmonds, although he should resist making trips to Indiana.

Abbi Vincent-Lloyd says she lost 30 hens on days when hot air balloons were flying low over her Herefordshire farm.

Vincent-Lloyd claims the stress of seeing the huge balloons overhead caused the hens to run for cover. They then bump into each other and die.

Balloons come in all kinds of whacky shapes and sizes, and Anorak hears from a reliable chicken source known only as CL that the balloons shaped like a huge condor was especially alarming, and the one resembling Jamie Oliver caused so much excitement and fear of being stuck outside away from the bright, warm lights that some of her best layers keeled over on the spot.

Says Vincent-Lloyd:

“I had lost about 15 birds when I decided to have the vet do a post mortem on two of them. I told the vet about the hot-air balloons and jets flying low over the farm and straight away he said that was the cause.”

The only thing for it is to train the birds to fly and fit them with sharp pointed things on their faces, a kind of ‘beak’ with which they can puncture the balloon or stab the balloonist in the eye or throat…

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