Anorak News | Obama Rules The Warmed World As The End Day Approaches

Obama Rules The Warmed World As The End Day Approaches

by | 6th, November 2008

TIM Flannery writes on Perth, the dying city:

Speaking last night at the State Government’s Sydney Futures forum, Dr Flannery warned of a city grappling with up to 60 per cent less water. As temperatures around the world warmed by 2 to 7 per cent, Sydney could glimpse its future by looking at the devastating impact that global warming had already had on Perth… ”I think there is a fair chance Perth will be the 21st century’s first ghost metropolis,” Dr Flannery said.

The ABC reported yesterday:

Record rainfall in Perth has led to the November average being reached just six days into the month; it’s the wettest start to November since 1969.

Of course, it’s not too late. One man can stop the weather. No, not Tony Blair. Well, not only him. But Barack Obama.

As Johan Hari tells us:

You have become President at a crucial moment in the planet’s history. We are close to the climatic Point of No Return: a two-degree rise in temperatures, which will trigger an unravelling of all natural processes.

Is unravelling a natural process?

The last two Presidents killed Kyoto. You can save its successor, which has to be negotiated before 2012. But that means you need now to bring the US – the worst per capita emitter by far – into line. The economic crisis gives you the perfect opportunity. Stimulate the economy by launching the transfer to a low-carbon economy: paint your New Deal green. Big Oil will fight back hard and dirty – but every human being needs you to fight back.

Obama is not only the President of the world, he’s also Mother Nature’s president, confronting Big Oil, which when the film The Inconvenient Truth II: Turned Out Nice Again comes to be made looks like a massive fire-breathing, oil-soaked cormorant in an SUV. Scary stuff.

“I wake up in the morning thinking there are lots of times when people have woken up feeling like this, like the Old Testament prophets,” Dr Flannery said.

Are these the end times? Is the global ruler oif legend upon us? And will there be enough trees for the big boat?

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