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Madonna Waits For Diana Vickers

by | 12th, November 2008

COME on Madonna, don’t go!

OK, go. Go already. But if you must leave Blighty do so once the X Factor results are in and we can stare as another singer simulates sex with a horse.

That chanteuse could be Diana Vikers, who not only has a name that rhymes with knickers (if your face, Laura White) but is also blonde.

Vickers should win if she continues not to sing in the contest, crying off with laryngitis and screaming at fireworks, as the Mirror reports on its front page.

Inside the paper, Madonna’s brother Christopher Ciccone is telling readers that his sister is moving to New York and that Guy Ritchie is “generally a miserable guy and he got worse”.

Why readers try to fathom out what it is that made Guy miserable, allegedly, Christopher tells us that his sister has designs on being a director and that “Two directors in a family is never going to work.”

It is for such reasons that the Scots never stood a chance, nor the Coppolas, the Coen brothers and so on.

Two people giving direction does not work. One needs to take. One needs to give, It is the cornerstone of any healthy relationship – see pages 17, 18, 19 and part of 20 in Madonna’s Boo ‘Sex’…

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