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Jesse Metcalfe’s Miracle At Monte Carlo

by | 12th, November 2008

NEWS that Desperate Housewives’ downhill gardener Jesse Metcalfe has fallen down two flights of stairs comes as a shock.

Is it possible to fall down two flights of stairs, a fall of some 40ft, by the Sun’s reckoning?

The scene is set as Metcalfe hangs up the gold-style microphone at the World Music Awards, the only music awards voted by the entire world and staged in the centre of pop that is Monte Carlo.

Metcalf is heading back to his hotel “to change”. He slips. He falls down two flights of stairs.

Anorak always imagined that stairs in Monte Carlo were covered in layers of yielding flesh, or least scatter cushions and carpets.

And in our reveries we saw landings between flights, often featuring a small Matisse on the wall, a china effigy of a jungle animal and a minor Belgian TV personality talking to a passing minor royal.

Here comes Metcalfe. He slips. He falls. And unimpeded he reaches the foot of not one but two flights of stairs. His leg is broken. His spokesman calls it a “lucky escape”.

We call it a miracle. An inch to the right and Metcalfe could be making a cameo appearance in a Walloon version of EastEnders.

Get well soon, Jesse. Break a leg. And then show us how you did it…

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