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Green Monsters: Instilling Fear In Children

by | 13th, November 2008

CHILDREN are great. They come all new and then you get to work on them, passing on your irrational fears and prejudices.

In a piece entitled “Perhaps a fox could bite my bottom”, the Times looks at the “Anxiety timeline”, how humans develop from a fear of “unusual situations at birth (being alive) to “goblins” and paedos, to being Josh, aged 8:

“It’s scary to think of pollution destroying all the rainforests so the animals haven’t got anything to eat and then the plants will die and the human race will die.”

And Josh will die… On a positive note, there will be no more nightmares when we’re all gone, and with the undergrowth dead, the paedo at the bottom of the garden will be exposed…

As Amy, 13, says:

“It scares me thinking that one day I might get so old that I lose my sense of humour and no one wants to be friends with me because I’m no fun.”

Hush, Amy, there, there. So long as the rainforest dies, you will never grow old…

Now sleeeeeppppp…

Rocka by baby, on the tree top, when the wind blows the cradle will drop, when the logger chops down the bough and the entire forest with it, baby will suffocate and we will all be dead…


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