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Madeleine McCann: Metodo 3, Using The Media And Allegations

by | 15th, November 2008
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“Would probably”. Such are the facts.

During his interview, which was recorded on video under unique conditions, and which is to be integrated in a television documentary about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, the Spanish detective clearly identifies the PJ inspector and equally states that “he benefits from a certain protection within the PJ in Faro.”

Sounds authentic? When anyone sees the video, do tell us and obtain a copy.

The detective even goes further to state that “at key moments of the inquiry, due to information that was received from the Portuguese inspector, we created diversions in the media.”

Why not use the media? The media uses the disappearance of small child to create sensation.

“It didn’t always work, because I noticed that certain diligences took place without us being told about them… I imagine that Amaral had suspicions and that he restrained access to the information to the men that he trusted”, the detective adds.

“The investigation was practically condemned in advance… we knew in advance what Amaral was preparing and the goal that he wanted to achieve with his diligences”, says the detective who after several months of work at Metodo 3’s service even tried to establish contact with the coordinator of the CID in Portimão, before he was removed from the inquiry:

“I personally met Gonçalo Amaral a few years ago, but he probably didn’t remember me and since he heard that I was connected to Metodo 3 he has refused to speak to me, answering that if I had any important data to ass to the files, it should be done in an official manner.”


“He (Gonçalo Amaral) was known to us as a tough guy, particularly in drug trafficking combat affairs… he is incorruptible”, the detective concludes.

So what of this information?

The revelation, which risks creating controversy within the judiciary police in the Algarve, comes to confirm the suspicions that were raised by certain investigators. At least two PJ inspectors that were contacted by SMM have directly advanced the name of the inspector who transmitted confidential information to the detectives at the Spanish agency.

According to them, the man benefits from a certain protection within the Faro delegation and his behaviour is not a first, because he had already committed the same fault in other inquiries.

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