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Baby P: Socialist Liberal Conservatives To Blame And Sterilising The Guilty

by | 17th, November 2008
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The Conservatives care. A pox on socialists. As Melanie Phillips puts it:

Ms Kemal called this behaviour fascism. It is actually more akin to the Kafka-esque abuses of power under Stalinism. It is certainly the kind of behaviour one associates with totalitarian regimes.

YASMIN Alibhai-Brown (The Independent): “The state panders to parents, but not all families are safe”

Startling and telling was Gordon Brown’s response to the tragic death of the blue-eyed, beautiful Baby P: “I’m determined to do everything in my power to make sure that this does not happen again … Every family needs to know their children are safe at night.”

Pardon? Did you really say that Sir? His mother was an accomplice – she who should have been his most fierce protector. It was within the family enclosure that he was battered and broken. As in other such filicide cases, one malevolent enemy was his flesh and blood. Many more young children are brutally treated by their own behind closed doors where domestic dungeons provide sanctuary only for the perpetrators…


But still we fetishise the institution, give it ever more power over its members, more since right-wing orthodoxies have taken root on the left.

Blame the right!

David Cameron believes parents know what is best for their kids. Mr and Mrs Common Sense tell the nanny state to keep out. Parenting has been privatised along with much else. That leaves vulnerable children unprotected.

A pox on Conservatives!

Baby P is dead – and blame abounds…

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