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Daily Express Publishes New Edition For Gypsies

by | 17th, November 2008

THE EXPRESS sees gypsies.

While the Sun welcomes The Others with a Polish version of its paper, the Express has yet to equip its organ with this weeks lucky pin number, a guide to pick-pocketing and whatever else the marketing department assures us gypsies are fans of.

Right now opportunities are being missed. The Express bring news that “FAMILIES MUST SELL LAND FOR GYPSY CAMPSITES”.

The “land grab” is taking place on campsites, fields and – best of all – private gardens.

The Daily Express is upset by “outrageous” goings on at Epping Forest Council, Essex. Residents have reacted with “fury”.

One local appear to say that the field alongside his house is used for a few chickens, geese and a horse and putting people in needs of housing on is disgusting.

“What about the rubbish they produce,” he asks. “What about our safety.”

Anorak can calm his fears by saying that gypsies feed on rubbish and the local clan can offer him a very competitively priced security package so that his windows remain intact, so to his fence, chimney and driveway.

So, come on the Express. The gypsies would be great for the community. And just think how many more papers you would sell if the people have a fixed address to deliver them to?

If the plan goes ahead, look out for new Express supplement featuring tips on how to be afraid of homeowners…

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