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Advance On Australia Fair: We Attack At Dawn

by | 18th, November 2008

CAN it be time to bomb Australia, or at least blow up her naval ports and airstrips?

Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon says a two-month Navy shutdown over Christmas has been ordered to give staff a rest as the Navy continues to grapple with staff shortages.

The shutdown will involve all ships not on operational duties and some staff will be allowed to work from home.

To the bathtub, me hearties. But the kettle on and when she boils, pipe me aboard, mother. Thar she blows!

Australia is, of course, revered for more than just its flexi-time navy.

There are the stolen generations, the aborigines who were taken from their families just because they were black.

Very few cases of this apparent crime have been recorded, but, still it makes for good entertainment. And it gets more empathetic if the whites get to be the victims.

Says Bax Luhrmann, the director of the new film Australia (“Life is so much better back home”) that celebrates the proud nation:

“One of the things I wanted to seed into the film was . . . to have someone seen as so high and mighty and privileged as Nicole Kidman, and have her character, Lady Sarah Ashley, with a child they loved like a mother—and to have them in a situation where the government was saying, ‘For your own good we’re going to take this child away from you…

“And if in any tiny way this sweeping romance can contribute to the act of telling the story of something that actually happened in this country . . . that will be a good thing.”

Yeah, that’s would be a good thing to present fiction as some kind of fact. Of course, when we bomb the ports, the Australians abroad will be unable to get home. They will become the new stolen generation.

But they will strive for a right to return. To reinforce just how terrific things are Down Under, the Australians have produced their local eponymous film.

You can see a trailer below:

We attack at dawn…

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