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Gordon Brown’s Word For The Day: Deflation

by | 18th, November 2008

HEY, tax doesn’t have to be taxing.

Just ask Gordon Brown. It’s easy. You just say, “Make it so” and you can raise more taxes than a priapic Caesar.

Gordon Brown is talking about deflation. Every week Gordon introduces a new word into the British lexicon. This week’s word is deflation.


The Times is happy to step in:

“Deflation means a period of consistently falling prices that can stall economic activity and eventually lead to depression.”


Save depression for later, lads. In between deflation and depression we must have defraud, degeneration, delude, demands (final and late) and dependence.

There are many more words than that, each one hand-picked to spread confusion and ensure the electorate that if they get rid of Gordon – who alone knows all the true meanings of all the words – we will all be more d********** more than we are now.

He know’s what he’s doing.

As the HM Treasury said at the Time of bank nationalisation:

The Government’s investments will be managed on a commercial basis by a new arm’s-length company, ‘UK Financial Investments Limited’ (UKFI), which is wholly owned by the Government. Its overarching objectives will be to protect and create value for the taxpayer as shareholder…

Brilliant. It’s just that to date, the taxpayer has lost £8billion on these investments. If we have to invest in anything, Anorak suggests budget supermarkets and betting shops.

And there’s the currency shambles. The pound is going down faster than John Prescott at a buffet trough.

Says Boris Johnson:

If Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling are right, and our economic difficulties are identical to those of developed countries the world over, then why the hell is it our currency that is taking such a pasting?

Don’t try to work it out. Boris has the answer to hand: Gordon Brown.

Of course, it cannot go on forever.

The CBI has issued a report predicting that unemployment will reach 3 million by the beginning of 2010.

As Iain Dale says:

Can you really imagine a Labour government – a Labour government! – going into an election campaign with 3 million unemployed? I can imagine the Tory posters now…

Is business more confident with Brown in charge or without him? And if you must back a winner, put your money in education, any body that attracts foreign students should do well.

They come here to learn the meaning of our words. They are a lot like us, only richer…

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