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Baby P Is The Baby Of Hearts

by | 20th, November 2008
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BABY P Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Baby P in the news…

THE SUN (front page): “Haunting portrait of baby P shows cuts and bruises”

These are the:


The torture and death of Baby P is not enough for the Sun which continues to search for more pictures of the child to broadcast and therewith show how much it cares for the “blue-eyed angel”.

Here’s one of Baby P fresh out the womb, born on Wednesday March 1, 2006. He’s a healthy weight of 7lob 1oz.

Here’s one of baby P is an Army-style fatigue jacket. He’s smiling. And here’s that front-page shot again, this time with arrows pointing at his “old bruise”, “new bruise” and “red marks”.

Wannabe social workers should make notes. They should be shown the front-page picture and asked to spot any abrasions, lacerations and contusions. Failure to get less than the full three marks would result in a fail, and a job in Haringey.

The Sun’s Dr Carol Cooper looks at the pictures and says: “I don’t like the look of it at all.”

Dr Carol spots the bruise to his left eye, the three red dots beneath his right eye and the swelling and bruising around the eye socket.

She concludes:

“It looks very much that a right-handed person has punched him hard to that area.”

Or that he has fallen and hit his head on something hard, like the corner of a hearth, say…

“It is also possible make-up was used to cover other injuries.”

Yes, that would be possible doctor. But let’s stick to the facts, you are, after all, a scientist…

“There could be more bruising on his left cheek or above his eye with his hair combed and the hat artfully arranged to hide it.”

Could… yes. If only Haringey had a doctor Cooper to call upon.

Pages 6 and 7: “Baby P – I would have been proud to be your mummy.”

No, not Dr Copper. Well, maybe her. That’s what it says on the note by Baby P’s burial site. There are toys and flowers there. Well-wishers have followed the Sun’s clues. Perhaps the Sun placed a few teddies there? Nah, that would be grandstanding, using Baby P to boost its own image and sense of worth…

But what’s this? The Sun has left something. The Sun has left a plaque: “BABY P – 1 Marsh 2006 – 3rd August 2007. Safe at last.”

The Sun has taken ownership of Baby P in death. Shed a tear. It really is that grim…

JANE MOORE: “Sorry, but I can’t shake Baby P from my mind.”

Well, don’t shake him too hard, Jane, ‘cos the social will be on to you…


“A Princess Diana shrine is springing up at the spot where tragic Baby P’s ashes are scattered.”

Princess Diana is not dead, but resides on the fabled Sixth Floor of Harvey Nichols. So why a shine to her?

“He was the baby of hearts,” says a note from a T. Blair…

The Star has a picture of the “Many tributes” – some of which have been mistakenly placed on other people’s graves in the area…

DAILY MIRROR: “WE FAILED YOU.. WE’RE SORRY YOU SUFFERED (But not sorry enough for anyone to resign”

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