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Hitler’s Other Ball Found In No Man’s Land

by | 19th, November 2008

ADOLF Hitler: one or two? Discuss. Show workings.

The Sun leads with the news that Hitler had…one testicle. Fact. His other testicle is in the Albert Hall. Fact.

The Sun says it has the “amazing evidence” and readers may marvel at how Hitler produced a sex tape years before the internet arrived.

Flying robot bombs, rockets and cutting-edge ways in mass murder. He truly was a technological pioneer.

A turn of the page and we hear from Johan Jambor, a German army medic who told all to a priest.

Jambor is now dead. But his legacy is proof that Hitler was monorchic. He saw proof with his own eyes. The scene is the trenches of World War One and Hitler is being picked up from battle:

“They called him the ‘Screamer’. He was very noisy. Hitler was screaming ‘help, help’.”

Jambor goes on:

“His abdomen and legs were all in blood. Hitler was injured in the abdomen and lost one testicle. His first question to the doctor was: ‘Will I be able to have children?’”

Yes, he would. He’d be able to have them screaming in terror over his doctor’s workbench, dying in their thousands and begging for mercy as his little soldiers raped and pillaged.

The wonder is how what happened to Hitler’s other ball. Ánd if that picture of German and British troops playing football in no man’s land with an innovative hides a more intriguing element…

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