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Man Slashed By Meat Cleaver Necklace

by | 21st, November 2008

TO Salt Lake City where a man is accused of slashing another man’s face with the meat cleaver he was wearing as a necklace.

In charges filed Monday, police wrote that the man, 22, had called the victim’s girlfriend “bad names” during a fight Nov. 10, and the victim threw his soda on the man.


The man allegedly took a meat cleaver he was wearing as a necklace and swung it at the victim, striking him in the face, arm and chest. The victim required 65 stitches, police wrote.

The 22-year-old was charged with second-degree felony aggravated assault.

Fox News has a different story and says 22-year-old Matthew Bryan Stone of Salt Lake City was, allegedly, attcked with a filet knife.

On such detail a possible conviction hangs.

Old Mr Anorak recalls with a slight tremble a show in Saigon, where the strong man would tow a destroyer with his teeth…


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