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Icky Poo: Catching A Double Shot At Love

by | 22nd, November 2008

VIKKI and Rikki are the Ikki twins.

They’re the icky stars of MTV’s A Double Shot At Love, aka A Double Shot Of Serum, living in the same house as 12 straight depilated men and 12 slightly hairier lesbians.

The Icky-Poos will step out with each of the housemates. Having shared bodily fluids with one and all, each Icky-Poo will then select their respective paramour, who will be loosely described as the winners.

This is as close to promoting incest MTV can get while still appealing to the non-Appalachian dwelling demographic.

The is, of course, a scientific experiment that aims to explain why it is the Icky girls look like just like everyone else in their village…

Below is the trailer for the show.

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